Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone that have shown support these last few days.  Everyone that has sent an email, I’m sorry I can’t list all of you, there are more than I can reasonably write.  But specifically, and in no particular order I would like to thank the following people:

R. Stevens of

Paul Sigerson of, makers of one of my favorite games, the Worms series

Rob Walker of who was the first person to write about what happened.

The people at that got me up to the #3 article

All the other bloggers who have been picking this up

Thank you all.

However, I would like to call out one group of people for their lack of
belief in my story and their inability to do any research before condemning me as a jerk out to get famous:  The Megatokyo message boards.  People who hadn’t even read my whole story have managed to condemn my actions and claim that since the school doesn’t support me, obviously I must be lying.  Thanks for your oh so carefully worded attacks against me.


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